The best SD-WAN technologies for your network

There are a multitude of SD-WAN solutions available today and all of them promise extravagant benefits. Sorting through them and choosing the most adapted one to your issues, is really complex for an enterprise. This is why we have selected two solutions based on the most objective criteria possible.

Fortinet: stability and a global presence

The Secure SD-WAN solution is part of the Security Fabric. This solution will provide you with the necessary flexibility to build your next generation network.  It will also bring you all the essential network security to protect your business and allow your users to connect to their applications wherever they are while eliminating a maximum of vulnerabilities in your information system.

The Secure SD-WAN solution carried by this SD-WAN leader won us over for several reasons:

  • A long-term existence
  • An expertise built over the years
  • A plug-and-play solution
  • A complete ecosystem combining interconnectivity, security and performance

Its security-focused solution integrates perfectly with its next-generation firewalls (NGFW), and suits perfectly enterprises wishing an “all-in-one” SD-WAN and security solution.

Fortinet’s solution benefits observed at our customers’

We have deployed this SD-WAN as a POC (Proof of Concept) for many of the customers we manage on a daily basis and here is our feedback:

  • Easy to deploy

    simplified deployment for customers already equipped with Fortinet firewalls

  • Ultra-simplified configuration

    Enriched reports allowing a significant improvement of their ISSP (Information Systems Security Policy)

  • Centralized management

    powerful application flow recognition allowing simplified flow prioritization settings

Fortinet has a large network of distributors and partners allowing its solution to benefit from a great durability. Indeed, if you have opted for our managed services offering, you need to ensure that this service continues regardless of the circumstances. At e-Qual’s, we are aware of this reversibility issue, whether you decide to internalize these skills or to change your provider.

e-Qual has been partnering with Fortinet for 14 years and therefore has a recognized expertise in these technologies and the associated certifications, especially in SD-WAN and security solutions.

Juniper: Disruptive SD-WAN

Juniper’s Session Smart SD-WAN solution is an innovative solution, originally developed by 128T. This SD-WAN solution 2.0 brings a truly new vision of SD-WAN: out the definition of paths between sites! Simply talk about users accessing applications!

This technology really appealed to us for its performance and power in a daily operation:

  • A competitive management of the application quality.
  • Tunneling technology that delivers superior network performance.
  • Its zero-touch provisioning approach, in transparent mode, allowing to deploy a remote site in a few hours instead of a few weeks.
  • Its zero-trust design providing an additional layer of security.

At e-Qual’s, our goal has always been to be at the forefront of future technologies to help companies adopt them. Hence we became the first to partner with Juniper for its disruptive approach.

Juniper’s solution benefits observed at our customers’

Our feedback from POCs and from managing the solution at our customers’ sites have shown us results that exceed our expectations:

  • Almost instantaneous deployment

    central configuration and configuration linking user groups to specific applications, makes almost immediate the addition of new sites and the daily management.

  • Minimized overhead

    the bandwidth gain is 20% higher than with other solutions thanks to its much smaller overhead.

  • No material constraints

    deployment in uCPE mode allowing to share network and system functions from a single equipment (provided by e-Qual or existing at customer’s). Thus, operation of functionalities can be shared between e-Qual and our customer.

We recommend this solution for companies with a large number of remote sites with different types of links and with complex routing architectures, meshed or multi hub-and-spoke models. Indeed, the solution fits perfectly whether you have satellite, fiber, 5G or MPLS. Moreover, we are able to operate the solution on your equipment wether it is on-premises or virtualized, without forgetting the addition of different bricks when needed to upgrade your architecture.

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