Centralize the management of your network

Is your company undergoing a digital transformation?
Application performance, cloud access, teleworking, SD-WAN will meet all these challenges and offer you more stability and flexibility for a user experience without latency.

Take back control of your network

SD-WAN solutions are multiplying, but not all are created equal. Our SD-WAN Mandala solution allows you to have a network with visibility, prioritization of your applications, multi-operator flexibility, while ensuring reversibility. We suggest that you take back control of your network to increase your bandwidth without increasing your costs. Control your application flows to deliver a serene work experience to your users.

SD‑WAN e-Qual way

Save money

SD ‑ WAN allows you to manage multi-carrier links and hybrid links to optimize costs and your bandwidth

Increase your agility

SD-WAN makes it easy to connect to your applications in the cloud.
You will be able to increase your bandwidth and the availability of your sites.
Increase your agility

Speed up your deployments

SD-WAN allows you to interconnect your new sites very quickly thanks to Zero Touch Provisioning.

Challenge your Telco operators

e-Qual is a trusted third party independent of Telco operators. With our Mandala SD-WAN solution you regain control of your WAN, and benefit from our expert support to manage the relationship with your operators.

Find out how e-Qual transform your business

SD-WAN in figures


SD-WAN increases the speed of your network by 10 times, relying on the Internet without increasing the cost


Network managers say they are ready to move to an SD-Wan solution according to Forrester’s Technology Adoption Profile.


  • QOS

    • Prioritization of critical applications
    • Limiting the bandwidth of demanding applications
  • Firewall

    • Stream filtering rules
  • Visibility

    • Dashboard
    • Usage metrics
    • Performance metrics
  • Routing

    • Dynamic (BGP)
    • Segmentation
    • Automatic switch
    • Performance criteria
    • Unlimited number of WAN links
  • Overlay

    • Virtualization of the corporate network
    • Data encryption
    • Internet and / or MPLS

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