We work with qualified partners to serve your computer network

To answer our customers’ needs, e-Qual has selected some qualified partners such as:

Logo Ipanema Technologies

Thanks to Ipanema Technologies solutions, we are able to answer your needs in application performance. Thus, we optimize and assure your infrastructures’ performance and provide you global visibility on your WAN network. Ipanema Technologies is a subsidiary of Infovista group.

Logo Fortinet

Fortinet is specialized in security solutions for networks as well as in the management of unified threats (UTM). Fortinet provides flexible and evolutive solutions to assure our clients with network security.


Logo Qualistream

Qualistream is an editor of solutions for testing and monitoring quality of user experience (QoE), and this, on all connected usages: voice, video, data…


Logo Aerohive

Recent WiFi worldwide player, Aerohive solution eases the mobility of your enterprise with its captive portal. A single WiFi terminal answers all comprehensive needs of a company network.


Logo Cisco

Cisco is the leader for Unified Communication and services related to Internet. Cisco main activity comes to switching, routing and firewalling.


Logo Ubiquiti

e-Qual works with Ubiquiti for the deployment of WiFi projects in complex environments such as warehouses, harbours, transport centers…


Logo Meraki

Meraki belongs to Cisco and provides innovating solutions in Wifi, security, firewall, routers…

Logo EMC

EMC’s data archiving and storing softwares make easy to move your information infrastructure towards private cloud. Backup solutions from EMC such as Avamar, allow customers to host and store data in total security.


Logo VMWare

VMware is an IT company subsidiary of EMC Corporation since 2004. VMware provides its own products related to architecture virtualization. VMware solutions are all connected to virtualization and data share.


Logo Service Pilot

Service Pilot is the monitoring tool used by our NOC (Network Operation Center) agents. Thanks to Service Pilot we watch the whole network(s) of our clients and we are warned in case of abnormality.


Logo Ip-label

We use Ip-Label solutions to provide our customers an optimum quality of user experience.


Logo Microsoft

Thanks to our expertise on Office 365 applications and on Skype for business (Lync), we can optimize the corporate network of our clients in order to warrant performance for their business applications.