Quality et certifications IT certificates

The numerous certifications e-Qual obtained over the past years illustrate that e-Qual has the will and capacity to pursue an approach of permanent improvement.

Our quality certifications :

ITIL Certification



In our NOC (Network Operation Center) some of our employees are ITIL certified (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). True reference in best practice concerning Information Technology, ITIL provides CIOs tools and documents necessary to improve the quality of their services.

ISO 27 001


ISO 27 001 norm allows us to guarantee security and integrity for your data. This certification means that we meet expectations in terms of electricity, temperature, physical and virtual security, handling of enterings and leavings, administrative and financial documents.

Our certification was renewed in 2015.

Our quality processes :


e-Qual offers a hosting service in its Datacenter. This service includes and warrants power supply, temperature regulation, fire and flood alarms, control of physical access. Customers acquiring this service must be sure their equipment and data integrity is preserved. This is why e-Qual has developed an « SMSI » (Management system for information security). And e-Qual has been ISO-27001 certified since December 2013.


In order to enhance our services and to remain performant on the professional and managed services market, we follow a PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) policy of continual improvement, at different levels:

  • Questionnaires and customers’ claims: an annual satisfaction survey is conducted with customers and the latter may place a claim at any time; claims are taken into accounts for bettering services;
  • Internal audits: every year, we practice audits with our employees in order to improve the functioning of our SMSI;
  • Motions for improvement: each e-Qual employee can submit a motion for improvement if the person thinks it necessary to the effective functioning of e-Qual.


Electronic Document/Records Management System: this computing tool permits us to handle operations relating to documentation management.

The ERDRMS applies to documents entering, leaving or moving within e-Qual enterprise. Such a system allows us to create, archive, classify, index, search for, and control documents. To e-manage documents brings several benefits: access to documents is secured, document update is easier, documents are gathered in a single place, paper transfer is limited and eventually, information is immediately available to all employees.

SLA et KPI e-Qual commits itself

e-Qual works as closely as possible with its customers and contractually guarantees the quality of its services.


Service Level Agreement defines within a contract, the level or the quality of service requested between a supplier and its customer. SLA gives form to the responsibility of the two parties, to their expectations regarding the provided service, how the service is rendered and the guarantee for service.


Key Performance Indicators allow the management and evaluation of projects in real time. All these indicators accelerate decision-making for corrective action improving the global performance of a solution or a service.