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e-Qual works with major worldwide industrial and financial groups. We integrate telecom, network and security solutions which are implemented all around the world and which are then operated by our 24/7 Network Operation Center located in France.


Major actor in the overall management of the Cloud and companies’ network performance, we have just started the commercialization of a new SD-WAN service.


Our services apply to network, performance, system and security environments:



2018 brings us new opportunities with the launch of a new service calls “Mandala SD-Wan” based on Nuage Networks technology. Thus we expand our large range of services.


You have skills matching some technological domains listed above, you want to develop your abilities and to share our present momentum, do not hesitate to consult our job offers and to submit an unsolicited application on line.


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e-Qual | Avenue du Futuroscope – Téléport 1 Arobase 2 | BP 70174 | 86962 FUTUROSCOPE CHASSENEUIL DU POITOU CEDEX

Email : Téléphone RH : 05 16 44 24 00


Expert in optimization and securisation for networks

  1. Auditing the current situation
  2. Identifying issues
  3. Optimizing security and performances
  4. Anticipating, sustaining and piloting



Arobase 2, Téléport 1
Avenue du Futuroscope
Reception tel. : +33 (0)5 16 44 24 00