History of the company

e-Qual’s origins

E-Qual was created in 2000 by Mr Philippe de Lussy. He formerly managed a Schlumberger company department, in charge of the concept and deployment of overseas satellite networks.

Thus, e-Qual initially meant to deliver high range Internet access with guaranteed bandwidth, for places where no infrastructure existed (known as ‘white’ areas) or where existing infrastructures were not compliant to the enterprises’ performance request (known as ‘grey’ areas).

Based on a local telecom partnership, our mission was to think of how to build their Internet access, to deploy and get running the installation, followed by maintenance of the system. Then more and more VOIP needs appeared and e-Qual came to develop solutions for overseas call centers. Such solutions combined connection services and call minutes termination services.

In this context, e-Qual implemented supervision and warning tools in order to provide a pro-active service on a 24 hour/7 day basis. Working this way enabled to recover reconnection very quickly even during non-working hours. In short, e-Qual offered complete professional services, from design to management, in a preventive and curative way.

At the time, in case of performance matters, the only solution people thought about was to increase bandwidth. In fact, telecom operators still tend to encourage CIOs to think this way. But additional bandwidth encourages more use of Internet and messaging, and the benefits obtained on business applications do not last (Internet and messaging applications monopolizing bandwidth).

To evolve in order to ensure more performance

Being a supplier of worldwide enterprises that run on expensive networks, we found ourselves naturally challenged to find a more sensible and economical approach: QoS answers this challenge. Hence, e-Qual integrates and manages QoS solutions. This especially has been based primarily on Ipanema Technologies for more than 10 years.

Such QoS solutions give visibility on network flows and facilitate the research of the source causing problems to users. Flows are classified according to how they consume network resources and according to business priorities. QoS solutions allow CIOs to identify problems encountered by users and bring suitable solutions. In comparison, classes of service (CoS) solutions offered by telecom operators are too rigid, too complicated to define and implement and moreover too difficult to change. Thus, CoS solutions do not compose a real QoS approach.

QoS completes implemented supervision with a 360° visibility on how the network behaves, on how the network is used and also on the potential malfunctioning of network equipment or of operators’ links. Thanks to this visibility, the origin of problems may be analyzed and a remedy may be found.


A few key dates for e-Qual

  • 2000: Creation of the company on the Futuroscope Technopole
  • 2001: L.33-1 telecom operator licence obtained to allow e-Qual to deliver satellite connections. With its ‘Connectivity’ offer, e-Qual becomes the first ever supplier in Europe of shared satellite links
  • 2003: First operator to offer professional services to manage application performance, based on Ipanema technology (manufacturer and developer of network performance solutions)
  • 2005: Second purpose-built secure data center opened.
  • 2008: e-Qual asserts its development in Paris by purchasing the company TRANSNUMERIC (network designer and integrator)
  • 2010: Within the framework of its local enhancement and its export development, e-Qual is awarded the 2nd prize for Innovation for the Poitou-Charentes area Export Trophies
  • 2013: e-Qual is recognized as « Partner of the Decade » by Ipanema Technologies
  • 2013: Development of partnerships with:  Fortinet and CISCO
  • 2013: ISO27001 certification for e-Qual’s datacenter illustrating that e-Qual has mastered its quality processes
  • 2014: With a new team of Managers, e-Qual focuses on network optimization and security
  • 2014: With one of its Customers, e-Qual implements a monitoring and permanent quality improvement solution for the professional Microsoft Skype Unified Communication application
  • 2015: e-Qual integrates QoE solutions
  • 2015: e-Qual widens its partnerships with Microsoft, Verizon