e-Qual is a French company supported by French shareholders. e-Qual’s type of business legal status is « SAS » (i.e. « Société par Actions Simplifiée »). e-Qual’s board is presided by e-Qual’s founder who is Mr Philippe de Lussy.

Our decision and financial leadership consists of the Board: Mr Philippe de Lussy (President), Philippe Chatellier (CFO), Ronan de Kermadec (COO), Eric Perron (Commercial and Marketing Director).

e-Qual’s ambition is to offer Professional services and/or Managed services solutions that are always more efficient to its customers to optimize their networks. We want to be recognized for our expertise and our rigor in order to maintain the trust our customers place in us. For all these reasons, we are faithful to certain rules that are inseparable from our way of working. These rules guide the relationships that our collaborators maintain internally, but also those that we develop with our clients.

e-Qual’s DNA

e-Qual aims to serve its clients Professional Services and Managed Services solutions ever more efficient in network optimization. We want our expertise and rigor to be recognized in order to cement the trust our clients place in us.

And this is why we are faithful to rules that are inseparable from our way to work. These rules are shaping ties we nourish between e-Qual’s employees and also ties we develop with our clients.

Trust : « No one can buy trust, trust must be earned »

Our plus basically lays in the transparency of our services and in the integrity of our personnel; this contributes to our customers’ loyalty, of more than 10 years for some. We think it essential to be exemplary and professional in each of our actions.

Listening: « Active listening is the centerpiece of success »

On top of its technical know-how, e-Qual has always emphasized on listening to our customers’ needs in order to understand better their expectations and their business/production stakes.

Working closely: « We are sure that working closely with customers is sustainable »

We think that it is fundamental to develop a privileged relationship with our customers. Our infrastructure and our mobile personnel are at the service of customers. Enriched contacts do their best to answer customers’ specific needs.

Commitment: « The way our personnel involve themselves in mission, nourishes our sense of commitment »

e-Qual’s asset is the involvement and commitment of its personnel. We commit ourselves to targeted results as well as on deployed means. We think it necessary to guarantee our customers return on their investment and quality of the service delivered.

Flexibility: « To know you better in order to serve you better »

To answer its customers’ requests, e-Qual adapts to their cultural, geographical and technical context, whatever the size of customer and the nature of its organization. We make a point of serving you as closely as possible to your expectations.