Deployment of our network solutions tailored to your architecture

Do you plan to deploy an SD-WAN solution? To upgrade your IT infrastructure? Do you need to secure your information systems? To optimise your wifi coverage? e-Qual will help you integrate our solutions, selected for their performance, stability and innovative approach.

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SD-WAN: e-Qual partner of Juniper 128T and Fortinet

Our experts, certified in both technologies, are able to deploy your equipment, with or without your teams. If you do not have the necessary manpower, our technicians go on site to carry out the installation and configuration, following the specifications drawn up during the audit, prior to any service. This procedure has been tried and tested over more than 20 years of practice and allows us to reduce the margin of error as much as possible, with the ultimate objective of not impacting your production.

Do you want to connect a new site as quickly as possible? It is essential to do it in the right way to allow optimal use of the solution, but also to make it last. Saving time for your teams means above all increasing your productivity and making your solution profitable more quickly.

Call on e-Qual to secure your IT infrastructure

We deploy three cybersecurity solutions for our customers: Fortinet, Zscaler and Tehtris. Zscaler and Fortinet, with Zscaler focusing on cloud-based protection, allows you to exchange data between your network and the Internet with serenity, while Tehtris relies on behavorial analysis to isolate rogue endpoints from your company’s employees and restore them with a rollback. For a lasting integration that is adapted to your infrastructure, you need real expertise. Training your teams can be long and tedious. Calling on e-Qual to deploy these solutions is first of all relieving your teams but it is also limiting the risks inherent to the inclusion of impactful IT systems.

Thanks to our 20 years of experience, we have developed a quality approach aimed at minimising the risks associated with the deployment of network performance, SD-WAN or network security solutions.

  • Piloting
    • The integration project is managed by a senior project manager to follow the project all the way to production, and all our experts are certified in their field and update them regularly to guarantee an excellent level of service.
  • Preparation
    • We systematically carry out an audit of the existing system to gain a complete understanding of your IT infrastructure and plan the integration of the solution.
    • Our engineers work with your teams to design the architecture of the solution in your IT infrastructure.
    • We prepare with you the configuration of the solution to meet your needs as closely as possible.
    • We set up a POC (Proof of Concept) on a test environment or a Pilot on a production environment, in order to verify the proper functioning of the solution and the equipment installed.
  • Deployment
    • We carry out the migration according to the organisational constraints of our clients in order to have as little impact as possible on their production and their activity.
    • We are committed to on-time delivery subject to penalties for late delivery. We have already deployed over 100 firewalls at 100 sites in 30 countries in 40 days, so meeting deadlines is part of our DNA.
  • Going into production
    • Depending on the level of managed services contracted, we train your teams to manage the solution and make them autonomous or offer a skill transfer enabling our operation teams to exchange information with your teams on a daily basis on a common knowledge base.
  • Documentation
    • We document each integration service to provide our teams with clear instructions enabling us to manage the solutions implemented if you have chosen to trust us to manage your IT infrastructures.

From integration to outsourcing, there is only one step at e-Qual. You can easily change your contract according to the fluctuations of your teams and resources. Indeed, we operate on a daily basis the solutions we integrate for our customers.

Our customers testify

“Despite strong constraints linked to the difficulties of broadcasting Wifi waves (important presence of material components in the warehouse and in our Point Of Sales displays) and very short deadlines, e-Qual succeeded in brilliantly meeting the challenge of installing an architecture allowing us to have Wifi coverage covering all our needs and taking into account disaster scenarios.”

Cristophe MARCO IT Support and Network Manager – Incentive Management & Logistics

Our e-xperience feedback

A large metropolitan region

We deployed Fortinet firewalls on more than 320 high schools in the middle of the Covid period. Despite this problem, we were able to carry out the migration to the iso perimeter without difficulty, and even go further in optimising their security rules. We also trained their teams so that they could easily get to grips with the Fortimanager solution, which proved to be very intuitive to use.

A micro-credit specialist

We deployed an SD-WAN solution in 9 developing countries for a Telespazio customer. After the realization of a POC in France, we had to adapt to specific constraints in each country to achieve a deployment according to our engineering. The lack of in-house skills, the lack of visibility on their network, the remoteness of the sites, but above all the difficulty to coordinate with their teams could have been a major handicap to the deployment of a new solution like Juniper SSR 128T. Our expertise and agility enabled us to deploy this solution and, above all, to make proposals for the optimisation of their network quickly and efficiently. For example, we were able to implement two critical measures: the prioritisation of their flows to the Core Banking System Datacenter and the configuration of their firewalling rules. These two measures brought an immediate and clear improvement in their productivity due to optimised access to business applications by their teams, while guaranteeing better overall network availability.

Leading industrial braking company

Their network architecture consisted of two MPLS links, for security considerations, and configured as active/active. The use of these MPLS links by Cloud applications, coupled with the health crisis, forced the company to review their architecture in order to reduce costs and therefore to change their second link for broadband Internet links in each country. Thanks to our intervention, they now have a hybrid network management solution that allows automatic switchover in the event of degradation of the first link, but also an architecture that is much more economical in financial terms. In addition, the deployment of the solution went smoothly thanks to our support, despite particular technical constraints such as the absence of an internet connection in certain datacenters.

A specialist in connectors for industry

This customer was already happily experiencing e-Qual service of performance management. Therefore he wanted to integrate an innovative security solution for all his sites to secure and control applications and data exchanged via the Internet for all users. After a pilot phase with a test group, Zscaler Secure Web Gateway Cloud solution (ZIA Cloud UTM solution) was serenely deployed to all sites. In parallel, e-Qual set up the platform for monitoring Internet consumption and the security threats dealt with and set up the dashboard, enabling the key security KPIs to be monitored. This summary report created by e-Qual serves as a steering tool for their IT department for their security rules related to Internet and Cloud access for all its users.

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