Identify and quantify what is passing through your network with e-Qual’s audit

Do you want to transform your company digitally? Migrate to the Cloud? Transforming your IT infrastructure involves profound changes in architecture and also in usage. To be sure of getting where you want to be, it is essential to know where you are starting from in order to make the right decisions.

Audit of the existing system

Map your applications and IT infrastructure for easy migration.

To successfully migrate your applications to the cloud, you need to map your IT systems. Which flows you need to prioritize, which servers you need to migrate, what level of security you need to apply to access them… You need to have a thorough knowledge of everything that is going on in your IT infrastructure. Our engineers rely on Ipanema’s market-leading network performance probes, as well as in-depth discussions with your IT teams, to design the evolution of your architectures that best suits your needs. Our expertise acquired over more than 10 years has enabled us to model architectures according to application needs, making them truly high-performance.

Audit of application behaviour

Prepare for the deployment of a critical application.

Do you want to set up an application that will structure your business or take up a large part of your IT infrastructure? You will have to respect some preparatory steps:

  • Analyse the capacity of your IT infrastructure to assess its current performance
  • Modelling activity scenarios to anticipate the additional flow burden
  • Measure the bandwidth needed to run your critical application

Thanks to our methodology, we can provide you with a very precise study to carry out the deployment of your application in the best conditions. We deliver a report on the volume, the definition of your links, and the qualitative measurement of your bandwidth (latency, packet loss rate, etc.) accompanied by recommendations that can be applied immediately.

Wifi audit

Analyse and improve your network coverage in a complex environment.

Providing Wi-Fi coverage within a metal structure or large complex is extremely difficult and requires specialist skills. Our engineers are able to carry out an accurate audit thanks to their expertise acquired over 20 years. Together we design the right network architecture to ensure optimal coverage and eliminate any risk of interruption. Working with e-Qual, you can be sure to have a continuity of your production on your entire site.

Our most frequent recommendations

Our numerous audits have enabled us to compile a list of standard recommendations for the most recurrent problems.

Have you identified a network performance problem on a site or application?

In most cases, we recommend the following:
– Check your connections and settings. A configuration error is often the primary cause of a loss of performance on your links. Thanks to our traffic probes, we are able to pinpoint the errors causing these performance drops.
– Check with your operator that your links are properly sized.
– Also check with your operator how this application is prioritised.
– Deploy a QoS management solution to prioritise your business flows.

Are your operations teams regularly disconnected from the network while in your warehouse?

– A densification of your Wifi coverage is surely necessary. The addition of a Wifi terminal may be enough to solve your problem. Be careful, however, to set up the terminal properly so that it integrates perfectly with your network infrastructure (firewall settings, etc.)
– Updating your equipment may be essential depending on your environment. The diffusion of waves is a sensitive subject, but it is being better and better addressed thanks to a constant evolution of the technology proposed by the suppliers of Wifi terminals. It is also necessary to ensure that the latest update of the scanners does not require a new configuration of the Wifi profiles.

Is your network in critical need of upgrading to meet the increased capacity of your production?

– Study the different technologies available to you very carefully. Migrating to one of them may be the best answer. Migrating your applications to the Cloud while securing them with a Next Gen Firewall or Zscaler, or moving from an MPLS network to SD-WAN requires careful consideration and, above all, a very precise audit to select the best option.
– We can offer you the redesign of your IT infrastructure if there are bottlenecks or if the capacity is too small due to the evolution of your business.

You don’t have the skills to implement these recommendations? e-Qual supports you on the whole integration part and delivers managed services to manage the recommended solutions. Thanks to our teams and our 24/7 SOC, you will have the guarantee of a stable and perennial infrastructure to secure your production units.

Our customers testify

“Whether it is for the custom design of our floating factory’s wifi network, or for the outsourcing of our network security, we have been able to considerably improve the quality of the IT services offered to our operations, thanks to the supervision, advice and diversified skills of e-Qual’s teams. From being a service provider, e-Qual has naturally become a strategic partner in the success of our missions and in listening to us.”

Amar DIOUF Head of IT department – GCO/filiale Eramet

“Despite strong constraints linked to the difficulties of broadcasting Wifi waves (important presence of material components in the warehouse and in our POS displays) and very short deadlines, e-Qual succeeded in brilliantly meeting the challenge of installing an architecture allowing us to have Wifi coverage covering all our needs and taking into account disaster scenarios.”

Cristophe MARCO IT Support and Network Manager – Incentive Management & Logistics

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