e-Qual from integration to outsourcing

e-Qual is a specialist of IT infrastructures and intervenes on the whole perimeter, at the physical level as well as at software level.

From study to managed services

Our engineers and technicians are certified on the technologies we operate to enable us to deliver quality services. Thanks to these constantly renewed certifications, we are able to accompany you on the evolution of the whole scope of your IT infrastructure, from the definition of the solutions to their implementation and their daily operation (change of your core network, network securing, proactive troubleshooting, deployment of an SD-WAN solution…).

e-Qual methodology


e-Qual ensures the physical placement and the implementation of the equipment on which we are qualified. We provide you with configuration, maintenance and network support services on the installed equipment. Thanks to our partner network, we give you the possibility to buy hardware or software to optimize your infrastructure, to secure it or to upgrade it with newer and more performing equipment. With our network of partners, we offer you different services and offers adapted to your needs. We can also provide you with an SDM (Service Delivery Manager) dedicated to your company.


Lors du commissioning, e-Qual détermine avec le client des seuils d’alarmes sDuring commissioning, e-Qual determines with customer specific alarm thresholds for the installed equipment in order to be proactively alerted of an incident. These thresholds are constantly adapted according to the evolution of your network.

Network supervision

The entire operation division uses shared supervision tools, which facilitates communication between our teams. The supervision operators monitor the constants defined upstream with you and make sure to adapt the alarms according to the evolutions of your infrastructure. Thanks to the permanent analysis of logs, the NOC is able to recommend preventive solutions to optimize your network and avoid a critical incident. It is a tailor-made service that adapts to customer’s issues.

Supervision is also a consulting service that allows you to manage your network in a continuous improvement process.


A troubleshooting process is defined beforehand according to the network issues and the technologies you are likely to meet or use. This process allows us to set up procedures to resolve incidents detected by our teams or by yourself. The troubleshooting assistance consists first of all in identifying the malfunctions by progressively eliminating the known causes. The operation department then implements corrective actions to help you resolve them.


The reporting (usually a monthly report) is a detailed presentation of your network over a given period. It allows you to compare the objectives defined with the actual performance observed on the whole network.

The standard reporting is a document provided to our customers in order to communicate the raw information collected by our monitoring tools. This document takes into account all metrics (incident management, network alarms, network performance, service requests, etc.) and allows us to highlight potential malfunctions.

As for the personalized report, it includes a more specific analysis of all this information by a dedicated engineer who will recommend actions to quickly correct network anomalies. The content of this report will have been previously defined with customer in response to specific needs.

Our packs of services

We offer four levels of services to fit your real needs.

Maintaining operational conditions
Managed PLUS
8×5 – 24×7 in option
Basic – Advanced in option
Incident management
Hour packs for assistance
Different levels in option
Unlimited – P1 – GTR 4H
Unlimited- P1 – GTR 1H
In option
Once per year
Twice per year
Light modifications
Hour packs
Hour packs
Unlimited – Urgent changes
implemented in less than 4 hours
Unlimited – Urgent changes
implemented in less than 4 hours
Complex modifications
Hour packs
Hour packs
Service Delivery Manager
Technical Account Manager
Steering committee with report

e-Qual from integration to outsourcing

e-Qual is a specialist of IT infrastructures and intervenes on…

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