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e-Qual stands for excellence, flexibility, transparency and proactivity. These four values are part of our daily life and allow us to guarantee our customers an optimal service.

As a company on a human scale (45 employees), our employees have the opportunity to learn, to share and to improve their skills on state-of-the-art technologies.

The company e-Qual

We are based in the Futuroscope technology park located 1h15 from Paris by TGV, 1h30 from the Atlantic Ocean coast. We integrate telecom, network and security solutions, deployed worldwide, which we then operate from our 24/7 Service and Operations Center (SOC).

A recognized player since 2001 in the global management of the performance and security of enterprise networks and the Cloud, we now offer a new service based on SD-WAN technologies. 

We operate in France and abroad (55 countries) from our SOC in Futuroscope, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Network specialist for over 20 years

Philippe de Lussy, who managed a Schlumberger unit in charge of deploying infrastructures for the Group , acquired a great deal of experience in innovative technologies for terrestrial and satellite WANs, web, and firewalling, with the constant objective of improving the quality of user experience.

In 2000, with his team of experts, he created e-Qual and from the beginning delivered 24×7 managed services on satellite, WAN, datacenter, Cloud, Performance and Cybersecurity infrastructures.

Our job offers

Our missions

  • Our know-how is evolving

    • IT architecture design with the local telecom partner
    • Deployment and installation of the architecture
    • Development of solutions for call centers around connectivity and termination of telephone minutes
    • Creation of a 24/7 proactive SOC (Service Operation Center)
  • The QOS challenge

    • e-Qual integrates and operates QOS solutions with their partner Ipanema
    • e-Qual provides a managed service and regular reporting to give visibility to its customers
    • e-Qual is committed to saving resources by optimizing bandwidth consumption
  • The SD-WAN shift

    • New technologies emerge and e-Qual selects Fortinet and Nuage (soon replaced by Juniper 128T)
    • Development of the Mandala offer around SD-WAN technologies

Our mission was to design the architecture with the support of the local telecom partner, to deploy and commission the installation and to ensure the maintenance in operational condition. Facing the tremendous growth in VOIP needs, e-Qual has developed solutions for international call centers by combining connectivity and termination of telephone traffic.

In this context, monitoring and alert resources have been put in place to ensure a proactive service, 24/7, to recover connectivity very quickly, including during non-working hours. In short, complete professional and/or managed services, from design to management, both preventive and curative.

To solve performance problems, the only solution considered was to increase bandwidth. It is worth noting that operators continue to push IT departments in this direction. However, the bandwidth made available was and is still pushing for increased use of the Internet and email, so that the benefits obtained for business applications are only temporary (Internet and email applications are hogging the bandwidth).

Evolve to ensure better performance

As a service provider for international companies, operating expensive networks, we were challenged to offer a smarter and cheaper approach: QoS (Quality of Service) meets this need. That’s why e-Qual has been integrating and operating QoS solutions, based on Ipanema’s technology, for over 10 years.

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These QoS solutions provide visibility into network flows, making it easier to find the source of user problems. By prioritizing flows according to their use of network resources and their business priority, they enable IT departments to identify the problems encountered by users and to provide appropriate solutions. In comparison, the class of service (CoS) offers proposed by operators, which are too rigid, too complex to define and implement, and above all, too complex to change, do not constitute a real QoS approach.

Complementing the existing supervision, QoS provides 360° visibility on the network behavior, on the usage of the network, as well as on possible malfunctions of network equipment or operator links. This visibility allows the analysis of the causes or origins of problems and their treatment, regardless of where they occur.

e-Qual’s key dates

  • 2000: Creation of the company on the Futuroscope Technopole
  • 2001: e-Qual obtains the L33.1 operator license which allows e-Qual to provide satellite links. e-Qual becomes the first provider of shared satellite links in Europe with its “Connectivity” offer
  • 2003: First operator to offer professional and/ or managed services for application performance management based on Ipanema technology (network performance solution manufacturer and editor)
  • 2005: Construction and commissioning of a second secure and redundant hosting room
  • 2006: Development of our partnership with Fortinet
  • 2008: e-Qual asserts its development in Ile de France by acquiring the company TRANSNUMERIC (Network Designer and Integrator)
  • 2010: Within the framework of its local development and its opening to export, e-Qual receives the 2nd prize of “Innovation” of the Trophées de l’Export (Poitou-Charentes)
  • 2013: e-Qual is awarded ” Partner of the Decade ” by Ipanema Technologies
  • 2013: Its datacenter is ISO27001 certified, demonstrating e-Qual’s control of its quality processes
  • 2014: With a new management team, e-Qual focuses on network optimization and security
  • 2018: Launch of our Mandala SD-WAN offer by E-Qual
  • 2018: Integration of the Zscaler solution – An innovative approach to security in the cloud – A disruptive security technology, particularly useful for securing your teleworkers and their web uses
  • 2020: Strengthened partnership with Fortinet – e-Qual adds Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution to its Mandala SD-WAN offering to provide smoother functionality for our multi-site customers with small IT teams who want a simplified, centralized management console
  • 2020: Extended partnership with Juniper Networks and the introduction of their Session Smart Router 128T solution to its Mandala SD-WAN offering. This solution offers a Zero Trust Network Access approach coupled with an innovative routing approach that simplifies the management of complex networks
  • 2022: Integration of Tehtris among our key partners, and its real-time endpoint protection solution



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