Secure your IT infrastructure

Brute force attacks, malwares, stolen or hacked laptop, the attack angles are far too diverse today to foresee them all.

Establishing a good ISSP (Information Systems Security Policy) is obviously essential but it is not enough to secure your infrastructure. This is why we have selected several truly disruptive technologies for the widest possible risk coverage.


Protect your network flows with Zscaler and Fortinet

Zscaler’s Cloud security platform is a SASE service designed to protect your network flows. This particularly innovative approach allows you to gain performance because the computing power is hosted in the Cloud. Moreover, since in the Cloud all resources are shared, calls to Zscaler functionalities are made simultaneously and not in a chain.

We think that this is the real advantage of this solution compared to Fortinet. In addition, you can deploy it very easily because you do not have to install any equipment on your servers anymore.

This innovative approach should not overshadow the reliability and power of the Fortinet solution, which gives you access to a portfolio of complementary building blocks.  You only need to be equipped with Fortinet to upgrade your security by adding the necessary bricks.

Zscaler, the SASE champion

SASE (Secure Access To Service Edge) is a huge trend in network security. This standard set by Gartner in 2019 involves a cloud-centric design. That is where Zscaler comes in because all of its computing power and building blocks are hosted in the Cloud.

Zscaler’s SASE architecture gives you a Secure Gateway, strengthening the security of your Internet access points. Zscaler acts as a proxy and identifies attacks upstream to reduce the stress on your IT systems. In addition, its Zero Trust approach allows users to connect to applications without being connected to the corporate network and thus reduces the surface of attack and lateral movement.

Zscaler’s  benefits

  • Born in the Cloud

    • Multi-entity architecture specifically designed to deliver security as a service
  • Zero trust network access

    • Eliminates the risk of bringing remote users onto the network
  • Service edge Cloud architecture

    • Enables online security and a fast user experience
  • SSL inspection at scale

    • Protects against hidden threats in encrypted traffic
  • Operational excellence

    • To run critical security services that are in the path of data access
  • Security layer offloading

    • To create additional distance from hackers

The Fortinet reference

While Zscaler stands out, Fortinet remains the gold standard for everything that makes up IT infrastructure, including network security. It is for its reliability and proven effectiveness that we chose its Fortigate solution. Although heavier to install, its ease of use makes it the most suitable solution for companies with smaller network security needs.

Fortinet’s firewalls rely on Next Gen Firewall (NGFW) technology to deliver additional protection. Traditional firewall features (packet filtering, IPsec and SSL VPN traffic inspection, network monitoring, IP mapping) coupled with NFGW features (content inspection, application packet filtering, user segmentation, and domain name categorization), allow companies to maximize the security of their network infrastructures, while fine-tuning security rules to fit their business.

These two solutions present two completely different visions:
Cloud versus On Premises, outsourced versus internalized.

That is why we recommend the Zscaler solution for companies with a large number of sites and small IT teams, and the Fortinet solution for companies with a central server and dedicated teams to manage the entire network infrastructure security layer internally.

Protect yout network with TEHTRIS

TEHTRIS is a solution that goes beyond simple endpoint protection.

Its AI revolutionizes the malware recognition system. Traditionally based on the signature system, traditional antivirus solutions can no longer respond to today’s threats. TEHTRIS, thanks to its behavioral analysis, offers a much more complete protection.

TEHTRIS is the only one to offer these features, thanks to its static AI (Deep File Inspection engine), and thus is our preferred solution to respond to the threat of Shadow IT or to the security issues related to telecommuting massification. Totally transparent for users, this solution gives you a complete and real time visibility on the attacks on your information systems.

TEHTRIS’s benefits

  • Intelligent

    Behavioral AI to overcome the limitations of the signature system and protect against “zero days”

  • Automated

    Transparent and automated use

  • Visibility

    Complete visibility and detailed forensic reports

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