Cybersecurity : protect your data

Servers in Datacenter, or in the Cloud, Workstations, BYOD, we intervene on all Endpoints and networks by implementing complete integrated security solutions (segmentation, firewall, EDR, cloud proxy, …) and global of your IT infrastructure.

The challenge of IT security has never been as strong as in 2021. Mobility, shadow IT, IOT, cryptolocker, DoS, data theft are all vulnerabilities and threats for your data. Call on e-Qual to set up your defense strategy!

Build the defenses of your IT systems

e-Qual relies on different technologies to ensure protection along the entire interconnection chain.

Our cloud protection, endpoint and firewalling solutions offer you a 360° network security that can adapt to any threat. Cybersecurity is complex because ever-changing and we offer you to outsource the issue.

Infrastructure security by e-Qual


The solutions we propose are based on AI to learn by themselves and adapt autonomously to new threats. Guarding against zero day attacks is an extremely complicated task, but it is not the only threat that can jeopardize your business. Every day, new malwares are identified. Our solutions are able to detect abnormal behavior on your machines and the patterns of these malwares to minimize the risk of attack.

Authenticity, integrity and confidentiality

Our EPP/EDR solutions are famous for allowing the exchange of your data in the respect of the triptych authenticity, integrity, confidentiality. They protect your users, wherever they work, from external and internal threats by blocking malware based on their behavior. Coupled with our firewalls, you keep control on everything that enters and leaves your infrastructure. ake advantage of our expertise to proactively respond to attacks.

Your data secured anywhere

The challenge of securing a computer network effectively lies between flexibility and rigidity. With the massification of teleworking, it is impossible to rely solely on the security of your MPLS links, accessible only internally. It has become imperative to open up networks without degrading the security level. Our solutions give you the flexibility to allow your employees to access their business applications without creating vulnerabilities.

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Key data in IT infrastructure security


of data breaches are caused by insiders.

20 milliards

dollars of damage is caused by ransomware.

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