Wan optimization and QoS

Looking for an ever bigger satisfaction from customers, QoS and management of network performance implemented by e-Qual allow your IT environment to be aligned with your business objectives.

Quality of Service or QoS is a service of network performance management aiming to optimize your computing resources. With this service, e-Qual offers to optimize your network in different ways: compressing network flows, prioritizing some flows, accelerating flows, reducing the cost of your bandwidth. Thus, the speed and response time of  your application flows become optimized according to your priorities.


La QoS vue par e-Qual

QoS audit : 

e-Qual is able to identify and to quantify what transit on the network in supplying: a flow cartography that permits to define who communicates with whom, volumetry reports, statistics on data transfers (server response time, transit time on network…) and finally application recognition, thanks to application visibility. Thus we can define what types of flow transit on network and we can qualify flows. Then with this mapping, we prescribe solutions such as:

  • Flow compression in order to limit usage of bandwidth;
  • Protocol acceleration making possible to instantaneously  use all network capacities;
  • Flow prioritization, flows are qualified according to priorities, emergencies and importance. Thus, flows are adjusted to user needs in real time;
  • DWS (Dynamic WAN Solution) in order to automatically select the best route between several networks (networks possibly hybrid);
  • Analysis of network weak points, of network load, of network behaviour and of application troubles.

As a follow-on, we guide you in the implementation and optimization of these WAN evolution solutions.

Request for information or quotation

Proof of concept – POC

With the « Proof Of Concept », e-Qual can show you how to improve your network. We define together objectives and through the implementation of rules and services, we analyze your infrastructure to make it more efficient. For this, we deploy a tangible solution on the spot including equipment and software.

The Proof Of Concept is a test. The test usually lasts for 3 or 4 weeks and leads to a customer report comparing results to objectives. It gives recommendations to improve the quality of service (QoS) and reach tangible objectives. It is an analysis tailored to your infrastructure offering the possibility of implementing our professional and managed services in order to improve and monitor your network.

Guidance and assistance for Lync (Skype for Business)

Among e-Qual QoS services features the implementation and support for critical applications such as Lync (Skype for business). As experts in the implementation of specific applications, we optimize and maintain the performance of your infrastructure to the end user.

We also assure the supervision of the Lync application and we control the flows which are used. Our company is able to help you to install in total security Lync on your network. We adapt the application to your network, in order to optimize your performances. Our Lync service is also available for enterprises who have already deployed this Microsoft application but who have encountered problems. In such a case, we work to identify your issue in order to present you with the most suitable solution. A specific and detailed report will be presented to you giving you global visibility on your infrastructure Lync uses.

Observed benefits from WAN optimization

  • Centralized management of information systems;
  • Protection of investments and functioning of collaborative tools;
  • Satisfaction of users (QoE), satisfaction of businesses;
  • Increase in productivity;
  • Optimization of IT infrastructure costs, or even reduction of costs;
  • Autonomy and extended freedom in front of operators thanks to DWS;
  • Permanent availability of information systems even during their major or minor transformation;
  • Competitiveness, reactivity and proactivity  for the enterprise in its ecosystem.
QoS optimisation et gestion de la performance reseau

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