Some business end-users and managers are often unsatisfied and CIOs are often stigmatized, eventually no one trusts the infrastructure deployed… Thanks to QoE (Quality of User Experience) we can measure objectively satisfaction.

Every day you may face numerous technical problems difficult to qualify and to list for lack of visibility and lack of evidences. What is tricky is to express and measure objectively what end-users experience.

To get a thorough and detailed analysis of your IT infrastructure’s functioning in order to know where it is less effective, will allow you to handle proactively and restore quickly if necessary, the performances of your enterprise network and the satisfaction of your end-users.


How to guarantee the satisfaction of end-user with  QoE and QoS

e-Qual’s mission is to identify the problem and its source before it has an impact on end-users. This help may be essential to IT management. Indeed, IT management’s position often differs from the suppliers’, each party blaming the other for the responsibility of the problem (telecom operators, integrators, manufacturers, etc… ). e-Qual is like a referee thanks to a 360° vision of all the concerned fields. e-Qual provides objective and detailed reports precising the cause of the identified problem.

Following a methodology developed with our partner QualiStream, e-Qual accompanies you in this philosophy with an offer of a QoE audit.

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QoE audit (Quality of experience)

QoE (Quality of User Experience) audit means simulating the behaviour of an end-user on the network via a machine in order to measure the time it takes to answer predefined-for-test requests.

The solution of QoE audit is based on a structured methodology adapted to proper needs or questioning from customers. Such an approach allows us to define if problems are linked, for instance: to the WAN network, to the end-user terminal or to see if problems come from RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) or from application servers.

Thus we install QoE robots. They are pre-configured to play scripts reproducing behaviour of end-users. This way, network quality and steadiness are very objectively measured from the end-user point of view.

QoE robot simulates keyboard typing and mouse clicking, and controls display of answers on screen. Response times and response accuracy are then measured in a very reliable way at each step of a script. Scripts are replayed regularly.

In case of VoIP (Voice over IP), a recorded conversation is “played” by a robot, then listened to by another: comparison of output and input of the two robots allows the analysis of appreciate potential loss due to network.

Cross-checking all information contained in QoE reporting, we are able to identify network mal-functioning wherever it comes from: WAN, LAN, server, end-user terminal, etc… We also work by eliminating one by one possible sources of problem deducting the exact source.

In addition to this analysis, we will provide you with recommendations suggesting adapted solutions to your questioning.

POC Proof of Concept – QoE

e-Qual’s « Proof Of Concept » allows to test what the solution brings to customer considering stakes in terms of QoE. POC will prove capacity of the service on the following matters: supervision of application performance, confirmation or invalidation of a problem experienced by an end-user and capacity of the network to welcome a new application.

Once equipment is connected, the duration of the POC varies between 2 and 3 weeks, this corresponds to a normal cycle of application use. During this length of time, regular meetings with the customer take place to enable the customer to interpret results obtained by e-Qual’s consultant. At the end of the POC, e-Qual analyses the data extracted with the QualiBoard system, consolidates and synthetizes them and produces a detailed report comparing results with the predefined objectives.

This “real-size” test on your infrastructure will definitively convince you of the value of this solution is in response to your challenges.

Once the solution deployed, we can accompany you in the survey and improvement of your enterprise infrastructure through our Professional Services or Managed services.

Observed benefits :

  • Improvement of your end-users satisfaction (QoE);
  • Optimization of the functioning of your collaborative working tools;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Activity management ;
  • Your network performance controlled from end to end;
  • Setting of factual KPIs;
  • Impartial data to present to all concerned parties;
  • Objective analysis of infrastructure issues.
QoE mesure objective du ressenti utilisateur

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