Non-stop network security for a 360° visibility

From the control of threats to the prevention against computing risks, the protection of the network has become a major issue when it comes to security policy for information systems. Thus, we have developed a high expertise based on leading technologies on the market for network security, i.e. with Fortinet.

Our teams of network engineers and technicians can guide you through the following issues:

  • UTM Unified Threat Management ;
  • Network risk ;
  • Network Protection ;
  • Firewall ;
  • Network anti spam ;
  • Network antivirus ;
  • Web filtering.

From an audit of your network security to your data protection

Thanks to our numerous years of experience in the management of network security with Fortinet, we offer UTM protection solutions to prevent and respond to network security incidents. Overseeing data and access to network, e-Qual deploys network security solutions and maintains them through alerts defined and implemented after a network security audit. Deploying and operating firewalls, e-Qual ensures its customers’ security.

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Firewalling solution

Thanks to the firewalling solution we deploy with Fortinet, we can manage access according to users and applications. We install equipment and manage security rules & levels. Services come with an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). We also deploy antivirus and antispam solutions and manage access to web sites giving priority to business applications, excluding those web sites potentially harmful to security.

Thanks to FortiGuard Labs, antivirus, antispam and IDS/IPS data basis are automatically updated in real time.

Moreover, we have complementary services such as implementation and management of VPN tunnel (private virtual network), from which data is encrypted, permitting secured web surfing especially for internal exchanges.

We also provide FortiMail and FortiWeb services. Thanks to FortiMail, many spams can be deleted avoiding false positives and the black list in the enterprise. This solution can be managed while managing the Fortigate thanks to a single device: the FortiManager. As for FortiWeb, it allows the protection of one or several web sites. For both FortiMail and FortiWeb, we manage integration, as well as providing support and maintenance. We also suggest registering for our Professional or Managed Services (Provisioning, Delivery, Monitoring, Troubleshooting, reporting etc…).

In short, with our UTM services, e-Qual can realize a security audit, integrate the UTM solution, supervise it and manage filtering rules and security alerts.

Network security 24h a day, 7d a week and data integrity

Your network infrastructures will be protected 24h a day, 7d a week against all intrusion threats and events likely to endanger confidentiality, availability and integrity. Accesses are secured and controlled.

Benefits :

  • Integration of processes by changing management without opening any security breach;
  • Risks and costs are controlled;
  • Data integrity is assured on the network;
  • Security events are tracked 24h a day, 7d a week;
  • Best data protection ever against all possible threats to network;
  • Key and customized advise on architecture and technologies;
  • Customized monthly report.
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