SD-WAN for a flexible network

Looking for more and more agility from your company? e-Qual MANDALA SD-WAN solution digitizes your network management.

Regain control over your WAN thanks to an independent solution free from all operators.

SD-WAN is an hybrid networks facilitator: you may add Internet links to your MPLS for example and the overlay network will bring some coherence to the new built ecosystem. End-users sign in to datacenter/Cloud applications with total peace of mind.


Proof of Concept – POC

With a POC, e-Qual offers to show you all advantages of an SD-WAN solution for your network. We will define together objectives to reach such as dynamic distribution of flows on all links, automatic switch of flows in case of link cutoff, application recognition

For such a service, we implement Nuage Networks technology precisely on a predefined scope of your network.

Thanks to e-Qual pilot or « Proof Of Concept », you may appreciate how the solution contributes to your business stakes in terms of SD-WAN. Such a pilot will show you service capabilities regarding: site connection, choice of best route, application detection, prioritization and traffic filtering.

Once devices are connected, the POC duration may vary from 2 to 3 weeks, which is usually the duration of a normal cycle regarding application use. During this period, regular reviews take place with Customer. This to associate Customer with the analysis of results as they come to e-Qual consultant. At the end of the POC, e-Qual analyses data given by the system in order to assemble, present a clear summary and write a detailed report. Report compares results with predefined objectives.

Basically, e-Qual POC is a real-size test on your infrastructure leading to the possibility of subscribing to MADALA service.


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Architecture and roll-out

According to the specific features of your network, e-Qual brings an expert knowledge for designing the architecture of MANDALA solution.

e-Qual delivers all the box devices directly on local sites and this, worldwide. The following functionalities are configured:

  • Routing
  • Tunnel
  • Management of several sites (LLB)
  • CoS
  • Firewall
  • NFV

Such a deployment is conducted by an expert project manager.

Managed Services

e-Qual French/English Network Operation Center (NOC) runs the implemented solution night and day:

  1. Supervision of all box devices and WAN links
  2. Management of hardware and software incidents with preventive control
  3. Management of requests for analysis and requests for change
  4. Steering of service commitment (SLA) by a Service Delivery Manager (SDM)

Benefits resulting from MANDALA

e-Qual has been running non-stop night and day hybrid networks since  2009. After more than a year of work in Research & Development, e-Qual now turns to SD-WAN almost as a matter of course.

Building or its non-stop working NOC, e-Qual supervises and manages worldwide networks but keeping independent from Telco suppliers.

MANDALA is an agile service serving a flexible technology.


SD-WAN Flexibility and independance of your Wan network

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