Within our WiFi range of services, e-Qual deals primarily with deployment and management of networks. We are able to answer different types of needs: installation and maintenance of WiFi access in corporate offices and meeting rooms, WiFi access in industry warehouses and outdoor areas and mobile WiFi access for special events.

Réseau WiFI professionnel par e-Qual

Whatever your activity, you may use a secured and integrated priority WiFi network:

  • Secured WiFi accesses to systems and shared resources,
  • High-flow simultaneous connections,
  • System constraints and business specifics are taken into accounts,
  • Autonomous systems for temporary installations.

e-Qual’s WiFi network expertise is based on well-known and proven technologies such as Aerohive, Meraki, Mikrotik, Cisco and Fortinet.


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Control public and private WiFi networks

e-Qual goes through a functioning analysis of the network connectivity with a WiFi coverage audit. This is in order to know where to install WiFi hotspots. Depending on needs, we adapt technologies and do a coverage survey in order to ensure the best deployment issues. Each type of need requires a special expertise and the setting of various accesses we can handle. It is always possible to purchase maintenance service for the WiFi network connectivity installed by e-Qual.

Tertiary sector enterprises : WiFi network access in offices and meeting rooms

We simply separate users in different groups and secure them. We take care of visitors’ Internet flows. Captive portal may be implemented by us as well as an edition solution for login/passwords. Furthermore, we can offer you a storage solution for visitors’ logs. The  number of WiFi access terminals depends on what is required in terms of physical environment and coverage quality.

More than one WiFi login (SSID) dedicated to several group of users, may be activated. We install the terminals, activate them and test their efficiency.

Industry : WiFi network access in warehouse and outdoors areas

e-Qual is recognized for its ability to deploy and maintain WiFi networks in complex and challenging environments. e-Qual installs optimized networks for machine to machine (M2M) traffic thanks to WiFi coverage adapted to the industrial environment taking into account all potential barriers (harbor area, floating plant, etc…). Areas with high concentration of metal are also taken into accounts in order to avoid any cutoff or parasites. We adapt to the systems’ constraints with the help of traffic management.

Mobility : WiFi network access for special events

This service is deployed in the case of temporary events (show, exhibition, etc… ) for which we can supply an independent Internet access (3G, 4G or satellite). We also supply autonomy in energy supply for access points thanks to batteries (autonomy varies from 4 to 48 hours). This solution is composed of interconnecting trunks forming the coverage area.

WiFi network issues e-Qual answers

Whatever your needs, public WiFi networks, priority WiFi networks, network devices, problem solving, access point, favoured WiFi networks, etc…, whatever your ISP (wifi SFR, Free, Orange, etc…), wherever you are (home, enterprise, public place, etc…), to guarantee a secured WiFi access to private as professional information from your end-users (mac, PC, Surface Pro, etc…), e-Qual’s engineers have various competencies to help you achieve the best solution.

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