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Network performance at the service of applications

e-Qual is specialized in answering questions relating to networking. Our goal is to provide you with total visibility throughout your full network and to guide you in its control and optimization.

Some tools and methodology helped to answer all questions regarding infrastructure and network:

Our teams are qualified to implement all these solutions and get them to run as professional services. e-Qual takes care of your network from A to Z and we can be your single point of contact for the different parties intervening on your infrastructure.

All the above four ranges of service are independent and form a proper expertise. Choosing only professional or managed services is possible.

Our strength is the capacity to combine multi-fields expertise in order to bring you a thorough analysis for a 360° visibility on performance problems within your infrastructure.

Our services are classified as such:

  1. QoS – Audit, POC (Proof of Concept) or coaching during implementation of a new installation, for instance Lync…
  2. QoE  – Audit, POC to improve end-users satisfaction.
  3. Security – e-Qual is a specialist of UTM (Unified Threat management) solutions. We audit your network before writing a report of recommendations. We implement network security and firewalling technologies. We take care of firewalls in terms of support and maintenance.
  4. Wifi – Visit our services in connectivity for network with implementation of WiFi terminals. Each of our three solutions requires a specific expertise in order to establish best coverage matching your needs.

IT Managed Services / Professional services

Professional services or Managed services means that our operation department assures management and maintenance of your network. We monitor your infrastructures and deal with incidents you observe or incidents we detect proactively thanks to alerting tools. We accompany also advise you regarding technological evolutions.

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The NOC Network Operation Center

Our operation department or NOC (Network Operation Center) is open 24h a day, 7d a week with people speaking French and English ready to help you when you are facing problems or incidents. The NOC can also warn you proactively about potential problems. Three levels of service are available: Firstly, the hotline (call center) deals with telephone calls, mails and alarms coming from our monitoring tools. Thus, hotline deals with incidents on your network. A second technical level intervenes in case the hotline does not manage to solve an incident. Lastly, a third level is assured by engineers answering complex and non-recurrent incidents.

Members of team level 1 analyze and classify incidents using an Electronic Document/Records Management System (ERDRMS). New incidents are recorded in this documentation. Employees from team level 2 go further if team 1 failed to solve the problem. Eventually, engineers from level 3 are solicited in case mal-functioning is more complex to fix.

This service is available 24h a day, 7d a week in order to guarantee the smooth functioning of your business network. Within the context of ITIL process, the availability of the NOC is guaranteed with SLA (Service Level Agreement) featuring in contracts.


During commissioning, e-Qual defines with each customer the specific alert thresholds concerning the installed equipment, in order to be proactively aware of incidents. Thresholds are constantly adapted following network evolution.


At e-Qual, we can use our expertise to install and implement equipment. Thus, we provide you services in configuration, maintenance and network support for the installed equipment. Thanks to our network of partners, we provide you with the possibility to purchase the hardware and software to optimize secure and improve your infrastructure. With our network of partners, we can offer you a variety of services to match your needs. Furthermore, we can offer you an SDM (Service Delivery Manager) dedicated to your enterprise.

Network Monitoring

Employees in our operating division use supervision tools. Sharing these tools eases communication between employees. The Operation team monitors the constants predefined by you and make sure alerts are adapted to your infrastructure evolution. Thanks to continuous analysis of system logs, our NOC is able to advise you pro-actively with solutions to optimize your network and avoid any critical incident. This is a customized service matching customers and their requirements.

Supervision can be a consulting service allowing you to drive forward your network continually improving its performance.


A troubleshooting process (or assistance for repairs) is primarily defined according to network issues and the technologies you may use. Such a process allows us to set up procedures to fix incidents identified by our team or by yourself. Assistance in repairs means essentially to identify mal-functions by checking and illuminating known causes following a step by step procedure. We accompany you in solving problems.


Reporting (or monthly report) is a detailed presentation of your network over a specific length of time. Reporting compares defined objectives with real observed performances over the whole network.

Standard reporting is the document supplied to customers to give them raw information collected by our monitoring tools. This document takes into account all metrics (incident management, network alerts, network performance, request service… ) and shows possible mal-functions.

Customized reporting includes a more specific analysis of all collected information. Analysis is done by a dedicated engineer who will recommend actions for correcting rapidly network anomalies. The report’s content is priorly defined by the customer according to their specific needs.


Expert in optimization and securisation for networks

  1. Auditing the current situation
  2. Identifying issues
  3. Optimizing security and performances
  4. Anticipating, sustaining and piloting



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