Application performance
Guarantee the quality of your application flows

Let’s improve together the satisfaction of your teams with our application flow management solutions, essential to get a complete visibility on your network flows.

e-Qual, historical actor of the application performance, supports you at every step to optimize the distribution of your network flows and boost your critical applications.

Optimize your network

Improve your application performance thanks to our QoS solutions, proven over 18 years. Thanks to these solutions, you will be able to prioritize and accelerate your flows to ensure an optimal user experience for your business applications. Satisfaction of your teams depends above all on a response adapted to your IT needs.

Network performance according to e-Qual

Map out your flows

e-Qual is able to identify and quantify what is transiting on the network by mapping the flows. We determine during our audit the volume of data per application, the statistics on data transfers. Finally, we provide you with precise application visibility.

Deploy with serenity

e-Qual guides you in the installation of the solution, both on the physical and on the software layer. Thanks to our methodology and especially to our POC (Proof of Concept), you are able to determine the efficiency of the solution regarding the optimization of your WAN (Wide Area Network).

Make QOS rhyme with Business

Ensuring the proper functioning of your applications means optimizing the profitability of your activity and therefore the growth of your company. Compare your business objectives with the application QoS indicators calculated by our solutions to measure their impact on your business.

Discover how e-Qual transforms your business

Key numbers for Application Performance


of enterprise network traffic is critical and sensitive


of business traffic is destined to the Internet

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