Dear all,

When the world is facing a severe and unprecedented situation, our thoughts go to the patients, their family and health-care personnel.

e-Qual ensures full service continuity for all customers, that is in keeping total respect of everyone’s safety.  Barrier gestures and health rules edicted by Government, are meticulously followed.

Situation to date:

  • All our sales, project and administrative teams are 100% available teleworking.
  • A permanent physical presence is ensured at our SOC (Services Operation Center) in our Futuroscope premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All other members of our operation team do their usual work but in telework.

This organization implemented 20 days ago, allows us to provide whole our services with zero impact on Customers.

Shipping and deliveries are ensured through appointments made beforehand and in total respect of appropriate shielding gestures.

Feel free to contact us:

Téléphone :

You are kindly invited to contact us for any need you may have and we will do our best to find proper solutions.

Most of all, take care and keep a watch on relatives and others!

e-Qual team

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