SD-WAN, towards natural adoption

SD-WAN technology means to place an appliance or software on each site of the enterprise. Appliances interact with each other in order to provide end-to-end connectivity to all sites and applications of enterprise.

What is SD-WAN Technology?

SD-WAN fosters Hybrid Networks and permits to easily manage several links on a same site. Enterprise can purchase big consumer internet accesses at cheap prices. But enterprise can also keep MPLS accesses with Service Level Agreements.

Such connectivity is implemented thanks to an overlay network (VPNs tunnels) placed on existing links. This additional lay allows to be service-independent from access suppliers. Concretely: a company is able for each of its sites, to choose the best Internet local supplier in order to compose a global SD-WAN network.

SD-WAN is managed and administered centrally and exclusively in a software manner. Hence, SD-WAN is naturally part of the whole Software Defined Network (SDN) trend.

Some SD-WAN technologies can also provide security and WAN performance built-in functions such as: application Firewalling, IPS, IDS, QoS, Visibiliy, Analytics, WAN Optim, FEC…

SD-WAN: How does it work?

To build SD-WAN connectivity, appliances are placed on all physical and virtual (Cloud) enterprise sites and datacenters.

In order to create such an overlay network, appliances establish VPN tunnels between themselves for data exchange. To simplify WAN management, VPN tunnels are configured and managed in a central and automatic way.

The overlay network created can rely on various access technologies: MPLS, Ethernet, ADSL, 4G, SDSL…


Is now SD-WAN revolutionizing the administration of WAN networks?

Classic model of enterprise WAN network is questioned by CIOs today. Because needs of enterprises have changed. Companies are more and more flexible when usual WAN networks remain stiff (deployment of new links take very long, change of configuration is complicated). CIOs are expecting more flexibility for their WAN network.

Amount of data transiting over wide networks are increasingly expanding. This is why more bandwidth must be allowed gradually to sites. Consumer internet does answer perfectly to this craving for speed evolution, and this, without blowing a telecom budget.

Links present many different links, applications are also more numerous, security and performance require higher standards, all this leads to a complexity of WAN architectures. Simplification becomes necessary.

Thanks to SD-WAN all these issues are addressed. The way to build and operate a WAN network is optimized. Here is a new opportunity for the enterprise to regain control of its network.

Aujourd’hui, le modèle d’un réseau WAN d’entreprise classique est remis en question par les DSI car les besoins des entreprises évoluent.

Entrust your SD-WAN project to experts

e-Qual teams have a strong experience of over 15 years in the management of complex networks and experience in optimization and performance of networks. We can help you with the deployment of your project. Feel free to contact us and let you be guided by SD-WAN experts.

To better understand SD-WAN technologies, we will soon present new papers about:

  • Quick deployment of « Fast Delivery » site
  • Reduction of WAN costs
  • Simplification of WAN management
  • To better connect the Cloud
  • To secure WAN
  • To improve application performance on WAN
  • SDN: towards network digitalisation


SD-WAN, towards natural adoption

SD-WAN technology means to place an appliance or software on…


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