Managed services allow users to work with confidence.

According to a March 2017  Boston Consulting Group survey, 75 % managers and especially CIOs ones, consider complexity as a major curb on performance. Also, 90 % assert agility is critical to adjust to market trends and carry out the business strategy, so leaning on a good expertise is necessary.

In most companies, CIOs are facing three major stakes: to reduce telecom / network expenses, to grow more agile and eventually to optimize performance.

How to tackle the challenges that confront CIOs?

The first thing that comes to mind might be to favour technology and rely on internal teams to run the infrastructure. Businesses must address short and medium-term key issues which come to technology needs or calls for tenders. Bids submitted by providers must then be compared; the most efficient looking technology must be selected, implemented and teams must be trained to operate it…

But is it really the business of your enterprise to operate network performance?

Wouldn’t it rather be to concentrate on your core activities, in developing new tools relying on a quality infrastructure service?

In sum, rather than focusing on any technology performance, you may think of the quality of service the ISD assures to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thankfull,  managed services constitute the most fitting solution and the most efficient one to guide you in the management of your digital strategy. But what is it all about?

There are two types of managed services:

To start with there is the technological support (it comes with incident service, strategic insights, recommendations and technical follow-up…).

And there is also the Maintenance in Operational Condition with a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week-helpdesk monitoring, managing and acting on, all or part of your network.

But you don’t want to choose between these two complementary managed services, both necessary for the good hold of your daily operations and for the continuous improvement of your infrastructures.  Our way to think Managed Services, natively integrates these two types of solution. Hence, you may rely on a unique partner who will warrant you with an optimal and secure operation of your information system.

  • You get better cost control,
  • You concentrate on your core business,
  • You benefit from ITIL processes. ITIL allows our teams to make the provided service meet our SLAs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Coordination between your Information System key actors and our teams is essential. Such a governance includes 3 schemes:

  • A yearly strategic meeting with CIO in order to share a common medium-term approach,
  • A monthly steering committee for continuous improvement of the service provided to users,
  • A weekly operational follow-up in order to maintain infrastructures.

Get in touch, and let us our managed service specialists, guide you in the governance of your network!!