SD-WAN constitutes an essential
contribution to your Cloud strategy

According to an IDC White Paper, 67% of the companies in France are using a Cloud solution. Many users believe in Cloud many advantages such as: time savings, cost optimization, tailored SLA, best security, permanent and automatic adaptability, direct connectivity towards Cloud.

Still, it is actually not as simple as that. Transformation of your WAN network doubtless will be required for a smooth migration towards the Cloud. Indeed true risks must be considered: human errors, the fact that resources are shared between several Customers, latency, loss of control on your data, non-compliant architecture, slow access to applications and less performance, inadequate WAN bandwidth.

Here comes e-Qual and our Managed SD-WAN service. We provide you with the suitable solution to connect your company to the Cloud with no trouble at all.

While guiding our Customers towards hybrid networks over the past 10 years, we have been able to ascertain that the benefits of such a transformation for businesses are much higher than risks. The issue remains about the choice of whose partner to entrust with SD-WAN implementation and management, backbone of your Cloud strategy.

Your enterprise is facing three choices:

  • The choice of internal capacity i.e. your IT team, but risks are important for a possible lack of resources and time, of sufficient expertise  to manage a WAN, for the need of setting up an inner NOC…
  • The choice of your actual telco who becomes judge and defendant as far as WAN quality is regarde
  • The choice of a free-from-telcos-specialist who will give you back control on the quality of your applications and network.

Only a free specialist such as e-Qual will ensure you an expertise dedicated to you and your users, intervening on all bricks constituting the solution and this, with a tailored 24 hours non-stop support.

Our managed service comes with:

–    Daily SD-WAN administration and operation
–    Supervision and operation of WANs that are provided by your various telcos
–    Service governance (reporting, recommendations) through contacts we allocate you

Contact us, and rely on us to make your Cloud strategy a success!

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