SD-WAN: towards simplification of WAN management

Nowadays, WAN management requires a substantial human investment including specific and numerous abilities. IT departments must constantly adapt themselves: for recruitment, training, diary management… SD-WAN simplifies and automates WAN management.

Relieve your access architecture

SD-WAN gathers in a single system some functions of routing, link management, firewalling and WAN optimization. WAN management, management of WAN performance and WAN security, from now on require a single appliance and a single system on site.

Less equipment leads to less breakdown (power, disk, faulty ports, …) and in other words, leads to less human interventions on site.  Thus, your WAN maintenance is optimized.

If no SD-WAN, to repair a performance incident on one site is difficult. Indeed, the source of the problem is difficult to define. Failure may come from firewall, router, optimization probe or from bad interconnection between two of those appliances. Such an analysis becomes even more tedious when each equipment is managed by a different entity.

With SD-WAN, it is easier to solve performance incident. To manage abilities is easier with a single technology to maintain. IT department becomes more flexible.

A single box, a single system and a single team.

Automation of WAN management

SD-WAN allows to go from a network based on equipments (Hardware Defined Network) towards a network based on software (Software Defined Network). WAN management progresses from manual mode towards automatic mode. Position of network administrator is now more orientated towards operational devlopment (NetDevOps).

If no SD-WAN, in order to allow Skype application for all the enterprise, connection on the firewall appliance of each site is necessary in order to configurate a specific filtering rule. A mere change requires some substantial  administrative work.

With SD-WAN, a click from central controller is enough to allow Skype on the whole enterprise network. Validation is automatically spread and adapted to each site. WAN becomes globally administered.

SD-WAN initiates digital transformation of business networks.

Entrust your SD-WAN project to experts

e-Qual teams have a strong experience of over 15 years in the management of complex networks and experience in optimization and performance of networks. We can help you with the deployment of your project. Feel free to contact us and let you be guided by SD-WAN experts.

To better understand SD-WAN technologies, we will soon present new papers about:

  • To better connect the Cloud
  • To secure WAN
  • To improve application performance on WAN
  • SDN: towards network digitalisation

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