SD-WAN for instant delivery …

Stopwatch in hand: 1, 2, 3, connected?

No more lengthy waiting for MPLS delivery.  With SD-WAN, you can connect your new sites within 3 weeks. Indeed, MPLS imposes many constraints such as: long delivery times, tiresome administrative handling, high costs… Thanks to SD-WAN, people are freed from all these constraints.

From MPLS to SD-WAN, on the road again for a new challenge …

MPLS : Quality at the expense of agility!

Nowadays, you purchase your MPLS network from a single operator.  Yet this operator does not cover himself all the geographical areas where your sites are located.

To cover some sites and build your global WAN network, you supplier has to rely on other local operators. Such sites are called « OFF-NET ».

Interconnection between « OFF-Net » sites, requires an agreement between operators as well as systematic human intervention. Configuration errors and administrative procedures certainly affect delivery times.

As a rule, delivery on a new site can take as long as 3 months. This constraint generates strong frustration for CIOs who want to anticipate. It is even common to purchase an MPLS link before administrative validation of the concerned site.

SD-WAN : Get back your agility!

Subscribe for e-Qual SD-WAN service and you will be able to connect a new site to your network within 3 weeks. You would just have to purchase a local internet link and to plug the SD-WAN box on the same link.

Delivery times for consumer internet links are much shorter than for MPLS, as much as 3 weeks shorter depending on countries. In the meantime, e-Qual delivers your SD-WAN box within 2 weeks.

And for instant connectivity, you can buy directly in a local shop, a 4G access to connect on the SD-WAN box.

Configuration and connection to your network are automatic with 0 intervention from you.


SD-WAN appliance assures quick connectivity to corporate network thanks to the Internet link, waiting for an optional MPLS link to be delivered.

With accelerated deployments, IT department can manage more serenely its developments and hence, contribute to the agility of enterprise.

Entrust your SD-WAN project to experts

e-Qual teams have a strong experience of over 15 years in the management of complex networks and experience in optimization and performance of networks. We can help you with the deployment of your project. Feel free to contact us and let you be guided by SD-WAN experts.

To better understand SD-WAN technologies, we will soon present new papers about:

  • Reduction of WAN costs
  • Simplification of WAN management
  • To better connect the Cloud
  • To secure WAN
  • To improve application performance on WAN
  • SDN: towards network digitalisation


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