Hybrid networking and WAN optimization

When WAN optimization is concerned, hybrid WAN can be an interesting solution to use in order to improve the performance of your company’s wide area network. Hybrid WAN may also reduce what costs your company’s wide area network.

What is an hybrid WAN?

Like classic WAN, hybrid WAN permits to connect geographically remote networks. But its singularity is that several types of connections are used. Thus, on top of a classic MPLS connection, an Internet access may be used on each site of the wide area network.

What makes an hybrid WAN project sound in a context of WAN optimization?

Nowadays, the pattern of classic corporate WAN network is challenged by hybrid WAN that CIOs and other concerned parties tend to prefer. Indeed, company’s needs are changing:

  • Quantities of data transiting on wide area networks are permanently increasing. This phenomenon alters WAN performance and makes MPLS too expensive (especially in case of worldwide network);
  • More and more applications are Internet-hosted in SaaS mode. Bottlenecks occur, so do performance troubles with Internet accesses that are centralized in Datacenters or Internet accesses laying at the core of MPLS network.

What benefits are offered by WAN hybrid?

Flexibility and savings

When public Internet connections are added to MPLS traditional links, one obtains a more flexible and more economic way to  connect the different sites.  And loading of MPLS link gets reduced because Internet traffic is directly and locally routed. This technique is called local Internet evasion.


Beyond economics, hybrid WAN is also interesting to win independence. Mixing several technologies permits to get rid of dependence from one telecom operator or one supplier (especially in case of incidents).


Creation of new sites in a network is easier with hybrid WAN because it is usually much quicker to implement an Internet access than an MPLS link.

Customization and dynamism

With hybrid network, specific links to use for each application are defined according to how applications are critical. Traffic route is thus shaped in a customized and dynamic way.  Constraints of different types of traffic and constraints of network performance are taken into consideration. Thanks to such a dynamic management of traffic, network problems can be solved quickly and automatically.

Furthermore, we must be aware that hybrid WAN is compliant with SD-WAN.

Trust specialists for your hybrid WAN project

e-Qual’s teams are confident with a five-year experience in hybrid WANs (worldwide use and setting), and can guide you in your deployment project. Feel free to contact us and let specialists in WAN optimization assist you.

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