To optimize your WAN network in order to guarantee the performance of your applications: what issues?

By definition, a WAN network (Wide Area Network) covers a wide geographical area and allows to interconnect several Local Area Networks (LAN). Whatever network structure and technologies implemented on the network, the purpose of an extensive network is to assure the transfer of data packets from a point A to a point B, quickly and without any mistakes.

But a WAN network has also the particularity of being able to evolve in order to suit the number of network users and the number of sites to interconnect, as well as to adapt itself to various appearing technological evolutions.

However, without any WAN optimization, network performance and quality of service might not be guaranteed.

WAN Optimization: what issues?

WAN, a network in constant evolution

It is a fact that Communication and Information Technologies (ICT) do play nowadays a key role for enterprises. The cloud, virtualization, applications such as Skype for Business, are advantageous solutions for enterprises in many respects.
Indeed these solutions allow enterprises to be more competitive, to work and communicate more efficiently. Thanks to these solutions, it is also possible to reduce telecommunication costs.

But these new solutions create new needs that enterprises WAN must bear. Hence to guarantee a good performance over time, it is necessary to anticipate the technological evolutions of a network. And here  comes WAN optimization into play.

WAN Optimization – Guarantee the performance of your applications


To anticipate technological evolutions thanks to WAN optimization

Originally, WAN optimization solutions used to allow to:

  • Reduce the needs in bandwidth and costs connected to WAN, by optimizing its conditions of use;
  • Accelerate data transfer for bettering productivity and user experience.

Other and new solutions give us now the possibility to guarantee the performance of a WAN network.

Indeed, to follow the evolution of needs expressed by enterprises in terms of ICT, WAN optimization offers have evolved as well and now include new functionalities.  Thus, it is now possible to optimize a WAN network in order to adapt it to virtualization of terminals and applications, to the consumption of video contain and to the use of cloud services.

Moreover, WAN optimization also allows to anticipate evolutions to come in order to protect your network and to maintain its application performance.

Several axes may be explored to work on WAN optimization. However it is important to favor a publisher of technologies matching your application context, your extensive network architecture and the encountered issue.

If enterprises do not maintain in operational condition their WAN optimization solution, they expose themselves and their CIOs to progressive network performances deterioration, to a burst of costs due to occasional handling of problems, and to a bad quality of service for remote users.

How to optimize your WAN in order to guarantee a good application performance ?

With visibility : your WAN becomes monitored

To implement the WAN optimization solutions the most adapted to your network characteristics, it may be sound to get a whole vision of your network upstream. This first step takes the form of an audit and means to zoom on applications installed on the WAN; data volumes must also be observed as well as latency periods and packet loss.

Willing to work in such a way, e-Qual relies on specific technologies especially developed for such issues. Once the solution is implemented, it can be only beneficial to have the possibility of observing the WAN behavior in real time or through reports. Indeed, precise analyses may be pursued around a performance issue.

With QoS : your application become controlled

Once visibility is in place, QoS permits to optimize a WAN thanks to application control and priorization. Characteristics of each application installed on network (in terms of speed, latency period, turnaround time) are taken into accounts and specific parameters are implemented in order to prioritize business flows.

With compression, acceleration and caching: performance and capacity of your network are increasing

Thinking along WAN optimization, the compression of flows saves bandwidth in reducing the size of some data files with no loss of information. This solution can be used on its own in order to optimize a WAN. However compression does not suit all situations, hence the importance to ask a service provider such as e-Qual to define what solutions are recommended in your case.

As for acceleration, it means optimizing some aging protocols or protocols having trouble to cope with delays implied by a WAN, such protocols could limit the performances of an application.

Finally with caching, some hard disks of devices installed on the network, are used to storage data in cache memory and to accelerate the data transfer on an extensive network. This way bandwidth is optimized and WAN network is preserved. (Mind however that this solution works only between two sites that are equipped with devices of a same manufacturer.)

With an hybrid network: your WAN becomes secured and WAN costs are controlled

An hybrid network has the particularity to be composed of several kinds of links. For instance a second MPLS network can be connected in order to secure the main network. An Internet link may even be added. Then, specific links are defined for each application according to their criticality. Because Internet links are of lower speed and less expensive than MPLS links, Internet links are more adapted to application requiring a lot of bandwidth for its optimum functioning. Internet links also suit any application not too sensitive to delays and packet loss.

In case one of the network links does not work anymore, flows are automatically redirected towards another link in a backing procedure.

Thus, thanks to control and measure of flows on a network, it is possible to save expenses because bandwidth is optimized in an objective manner.

WAN optimization according to e-Qual

Competence on visibility, QoS and hybrid networks

e-Qual has been implementing WAN optimization solutions for more than 10 years.  So our teams have acquired rich experience and are able to rapidly identify applications in cause when a network meets performance troubles.

« We have decided to delegate to e-Qual part of our network management.  Although we are good experts of our network, we rely on e-Qual in order to avoid to scatter our competence.” Jérôme Brun, Head of IT infrastructure at Gemalto’s

Because e-Qual knows well how the applications used by its customers run, e-Qual is also able to protect applications in an efficient way warranting optimum QoS.

Finally, our competence in hybrid networks allows us to accompany our customers in the design of their network infrastructure, the sizing of telecom links according to applications observed on their network and on the live-management of WAN flows.

Tailored answers

e-Qual gives you the answers matching best your network issue, taking into accounts your WAN own characteristics. Each network is different and it is up to us to be flexible in order to optimize at best your network. We make every effort (listening, qualification of needs, analysis of actions to take) to offer you a tailored solution.

Does the subject of WAN optimization interest you?

If yes, do not miss our papers to come about:

  • Visibility
  • QoS
  • Acceleration compression caching
  • Hybrid networks

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