Mistakes to avoid during Skype for Business implementation on your network

The challenge of unified communication is strategic to your company. On top of allowing a good quality of use in Skype for Business to your employees, it is also important for you to assure performance of your business applications.

Benefits from Skype for Business

Skype for Business application, former Lync, has rapidly become assertive as an inevitable solution for unified communication within enterprises.

Indeed, gathering on a unique platform, various tools such as telephony, video, screen sharing or instant messaging system, Skype for Business allows to communicate efficiently, without any time or space limits.

Thus, on top of being convenient and confortable in its usage, Skype for Business also proves to be very economic: discussions and meetings can be done remotely. Employee’s transportation costs are reduced. Moreover, using Skype for Business application, enterprises can step by step get rid of telephone networks and traditional operators. With Skype, enterprises can get better quality service from specialized operators.

However, Skype for Business represents a major constraint: since all is centralized on a single computing infrastructure, the enterprise network becomes critical. Network must then absolutely be optimized and maintained in good condition. This way Skype for Business traffic will not have any incidence on business traffic.  Consequently the role of CIO (Chief Information Officer) develops. CIOs become responsible for the quality of telephone and video communications.

Mistakes to avoid prior to Skype for Business implementation

  • To wrongly estimate the number of employees who will use Skype for Business and install the application without adapting the information network.

It is very likely Skype for Business is much more used than planned and troubles due to an excessive consumption of bandwidth may appear. Indeed, network can easily be stressed by such a strategic application, stressing the network meaning over-using it.

New problems of design and configuration of the network may then appear.

A few figures published by Microsoft :

Figures Microsoft
  • During peak of usage, Skype for Business requires important resources for traffic associated with voice and video. Thus, quality of service and quality of user experience may turn out to be bad: stuttering sound, split picture, echoes, interference noise…

Moreover, the further the interlocutors are, the more likely they encounter this sort of problems. If no audit and prior optimization are done, Skype for Business application may reveal defaults relating to network, defaults unknown before Skype for Business installation.

Opt for QoS optimization on your network in order to guarantee good quality usage for Skype Entreprise

As seen above, quality of computer network affects the functioning of a VoIP application such as Skype for Business. Hence one must be able to assure application performance on your enterprise network, this with the help of QoS. So, applications like Skype for Business will operate in a satisfactory way.

Addressing this issue, e-Qual intervenes in application supervision on your infrastructures in order to optimize Skype for Business traffic.

In the context of a managed services contract, we offer you a tailored service including an audit aimed to list and qualify your different business flows. The audit is a key step because it is necessary to prioritize business flows and not secondary flows if we want QoS to be optimized on your network.

To protect your computer network in case of intensive use, our NOC (Network Operation Center) teams watch 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the functioning of Skype for Business. Our teams also maintain the application in an operating state thanks to monitoring tools.

Since technologies evolve rapidly, monthly audits of the telecommunication transmission line are realized from end-to-end, and optimization is proactively and regularly revised. This way, we guarantee application performance for your network, your employees can wholly enjoy Skype for Business functionalities.

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